Weird eerie sketch i made. I found out it was very creepy so i ended uo adding a bit to the face

2022.01.26 01:51 Dodoford Weird eerie sketch i made. I found out it was very creepy so i ended uo adding a bit to the face

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2022.01.26 01:51 Zeromars Black bar on Bottom :(

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2022.01.26 01:51 Valtraa Regice raid 2360 8408 6010

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2022.01.26 01:51 Historical_Garage_61 2 episodes for a friend

I’ve been nagging my best friend since 2011 to listen to TESD. This putz finally agreed to listen to two episodes.
Note: I don’t think he’s gonna get hooked via Makin Hay since he tends to stop listening to anything if he’s bored after a few minutes, and I think he’ll think those episodes are too much of a slog.
Any ideas for episodes? I thought maybe Walt at the Post Office episode since it’s short and a lot of drama. But any other ideas are greatly appreciated.
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2022.01.26 01:51 vasjae Every time im in a game with drow I have this. I can't even close it my pressing escape, I am forced to point my mouse on x and click. Any way to GET IT OUT OF MY FACE?!

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2022.01.26 01:51 GPro_Journeys Basketball - Tough corner three in high school game (Insta: _lviale_)

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2022.01.26 01:51 yuritopiaposadism "national survey found 97% of small business owners say difficulty in hiring is impacting their bottom line"

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2022.01.26 01:51 InternationalForm3 Food from China's North-East is like a warm hug | 东北菜

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2022.01.26 01:51 Beaster_Bunny_ New Pews Video!: I've got a shield too - Rainbow Six Siege funnies

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2022.01.26 01:51 Exact_Slip Stop posting about among us

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2022.01.26 01:51 Alexiadavis Hmm now who wants to pay for my pedicure 🤔

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2022.01.26 01:51 Rtgc22 What are the best songs on Yela's worst projects?

Obviously 'worst' is subjective but I think this could have some interesting responses. Underrated freestyles and features could be posted too.
I'll say Beer Buzz from Ball Of Flames is a fuckin jam, and I've always thought Radio Smash and 1979 were standouts from the Fearin' And Loathin'... era. You & Me from the Cookup Boss & Catfish Billy EP is a good one, too.
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2022.01.26 01:51 SheldonfromTBBT Resources

Hi. I want to learn more about Cryptocurrency. There are so many YT channels out there but I don’t know how genuine or authentic they are. Are there any genuine resources I can learn more about it? Please advise for the beginners, would be helpful for everyone wanting to start out but don’t know where to start.
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2022.01.26 01:51 AmagpieA Klombo colour in!

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2022.01.26 01:51 iReadIcculus21 Just a question. Sincerely curious to know what the situation is on this concept:

In light of the recent correction, what would happen if the fine people of this group collectively entered the investment reddit threads and talked about how much of a bargain QYLD is at the moment in hopes of increasing perceived popularity. Could that potentially help drive the price up? Is there anything wrong with doing that? Is there anything legally wrong with doing that? Have at it. Cheers everyone
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2022.01.26 01:51 bellbottomsquare Public bathrooms should only have bidets, no toilet paper.

With the world going down the drain, why are we still flushing trees? There is a much better solution and it needs to be dumped on the public, whether they like the smell of it or not.
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2022.01.26 01:51 sojourner_1 Quick looks

the scent of protag is strong in these
00: head ex boost, arms 40% melee x2, legs gauage + 40% melee, double blade, protage+buff up, blade himo boost+firepower init, twinblade P+infighter boost, rifle P +melee boost
astaroth: head protag 40%x2, chest CC cd+melee 40%, back pierce+protag boost, saber T+infighter boost, hammer leg+physical boost, rifle ex boost
judau in civvies: all power debuff+blade boost
event: back long range boost, saber non ex auto boost
pilots: yazan non exboost
freebies: P gundam, F90S, shadow.........
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2022.01.26 01:51 Nukuchan Are there places to eat inside?

Or within walking distance? Any recommendations?
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2022.01.26 01:51 SergeantPsychosis Watch: ‘The View’ Pushes Back on Guest After She Tries to Criticize Biden for Calling Doocy a ‘Son of a B*tch’

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2022.01.26 01:51 FunkSpork Expanded on the House in the Woods

Expanded on the House in the Woods
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2022.01.26 01:51 diya66666 Best crypto

Areyouoneofus #DeFi #CeFi #Influencio #Influencer #NFT #SocialFi #Metaverse #Web3 this wonderful project. really very cool and strong project with great facilities. I hope this project will achieve more success. Nice project
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2022.01.26 01:51 VoidBunny666 Mastering Spanish.

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2022.01.26 01:51 RHG_MERIT Game face ready for launch 🚀🚀🚀

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2022.01.26 01:51 sandman388 What can you admit you were wrong about?

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2022.01.26 01:51 amsmomo Advice for a novice! Im thinking of buying an E30

Hey guys! Toyota guy over here but I'm seriously considering on buying a 4-door E30 with a M20B20 engine. The guy selling it is from my local BMW club and the car seems in mint condition on the engine side. Interior is in good shape, just a couple things to fix but nothing too serious, just me obsessed with details. Seems like he has taken well care of it so honestly I'm not that worried on the engine side, plus the guy is trustworthy.
E30 has 175,000 kms (around 108,000 miles) and the engine seems fine, not a single sound that seems like I should worry. Runs good, took it for a test drive and at 100km/h (60mph) steering wheel was firm, not a single weird sound or rattle.
My question is: any advice on what I should keep in mind before buying it? Like what commonly fails on the M20B20 engines and also what to keep in mind if I buy it on the manteinance side. I'm used to just change oil and filters on my Toyota when they're due. Plus I'm buying it to use it as a daily but my commutes are usually short since I live in a city or 200 kms (124 miles) through the highway on the weekends. Should I worry about fuel economy? I know I shouldn't worry about that with a car like this but I'm curious just to know how much I need to spend on it.
Thanks in advance and sorry if my english is not the best. Greetings from Lima, Peru and hopefully soon I'll post the photo of the car here if I get to buy it!
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