I've noticed Reddit has a habit of hating women

I got home, still reeling from this conversation. I did some google searches and saw that yes, this is something most people know about. Reddit has plenty of posts from people looking for ways to stay asleep on the fifth Wednesday. There were a few who left comments suggesting they had never heard about this, but we were definitely in the minority. Employed Americans are stressed out. In fact, studies have consistently shown that being stressed out at work is to be expected, as only a small percentage of responders report experiencing little or no stress on the job. But sometimes, it goes beyond just being rushed to meet a deadline or feeling overwhelmed with emails. If Lindell insisted that he has the "pieces of the puzzle" to prove the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump. "And you talk about evidence," Lindell added. "We have enough evidence to put everybody in prison for life, 300 and some million people. A man may venture out with other women, but if he is committed to his home, progeny, wife and their advancement in life, then nothing can take him away from it. Most men of old, ventured out but only to quell their sexual impulses and no more. A man has to work for sex no matter if he is a handsome chap or detestable. Plus, there has been a massive increase in home schooling during the current pandemic. The utter failure of many US public school systems in the face of the pandemic has driven many parents to turn to alternatives such as home schooling and learning pods because it’s the only way their kids are going to get an education. Milo Yiannopoulos (aliases Milo Wagner or Milo Andreas Wagner, born Milo Hanrahan) (1984–) is a former writer for alt-right-affiliated website Breitbart, where he laundered the overtly racist ideas of actual white nationalists as "safer" pieces attacking liberals and their "political correctness" culture. He is also a professional victim, a self-described professional troll, a Gamergate ... A woman was left seriously regretting her choice of tattoo artist when she asked for a cute moon and was left with a "toenail" inking. In a video, Ella Neve McCauley shares her embarrassment after assuming the design was so simple it couldn't possibly go wrong. The design she wanted was an imitation of one she found on Pinterest tagged as "cute small tattoos for women with meaning" and ... It's the force of habit that's hard to, well, shake. A potentially embarrassing aspect is having to recalibrate your sense of bathroom timing; when I have to go now I'd better go! This has gotten a little better with time as my muscles get used to it, but I had some near-misses." Black women had to hear all day about how much we hate ourselves and we want to be white, Asian, Latina, light skinned, etc because we wear weaves... Diaspora General A moment ago In a thread on Reddit that has garnered more than 5,000 replies, men are sharing the weird and often downright disgusting things that they do in private. Turns out, a lot of guys like to "scratch ...

2022.01.26 03:05 TheRoyalDon I've noticed Reddit has a habit of hating women

A lot of Reddit are virgins, a lot of people that hate women are on here. It's just kinda funny. For example I posted a video of some dude moving his pelvis side to side behind some girl, she slapped him and there's a lot of dudes complaining about how she physically assaulted him and hating her for it. Forgetting the whole aspect of the dude essentially doing perverse shit right behind her, not respecting her personal space, and the meme he was doing could have been construed as any kind of way. It's funny how the guy isn't in the wrong for not respecting her space and at the same time moving his D back and forth behind her. He knew what he was doing and he got slapped for it.
Just an example of what I'm talking about but it's everywhere on Reddit. People love seeing women getting slapped or something going against women, they love to talk down about woman alot too.
It is what it is, it's reddit and probably won't change like that, but just wanted to make this post and mention it again
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2022.01.26 03:05 worldnewsbot YouTube CEO Defends Hiding Dislike Count, Says It Reduced Harassment

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2022.01.26 03:05 neocogx x220 Display Suddenly Quit Working

I've been using my x220 daily for about a year with no major issues. It's currently running Debian Bullseye. After my first time using an external display I can no longer get any display output on the laptop. I believe it has something to do with my last session, from the Debian GUI Display settings I 1.) I chose the option "Join Displays" (opposed to mirror) to use the 2 displays independently 2.) and I chose the external monitor as the primary display. After my session I just went to System Shutdown, where it sat powered off for a day. I then grabbed the laptop and disconnected it from the external display where I tried to boot the computer and there is absolutely no output on the display, the LED will flash green. It almost seems as if it's stuck in sleep mode.
Things I have tried to do to fix it:
1.) Boot with external display connected again 2.) Disconnect power, Remove battery, Press home button several times, Hold home button for 30 seconds, connect power cable, boot. (in many different sequences to completely discharge power) 3.) All in step 2, in addition to disconnecting the CMOS battery and waiting 30 minutes, and then trying to boot again. 4.) Removing one RAM, try boot, and then the same with the other stick.
Either way I haven't seen bios menu or any output onto laptop display... and like i mentioned everything was working flawlessly before using the external monitor, and it was also the first time I ever connected it, hence my strong bias towards the root of the problem. Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.26 03:05 -Ayoris- Toadette "D-Colons" in horror as her best friends fuse together

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2022.01.26 03:05 meeseekstodie137 it would be so cool seeing full series entirely centered around individual characters

like series where individual characters are separate from the main continuity and actually allowed to achieve their goals, like imagine a series where deathstroke was actually allowed to kill heroes in order to make a name for himself or where batman was actually allowed to reform villains (or alternatively if joker successfully managed to corrupt batman), if trigon actually succeeded in taking over the earth, etc. I've always wished there was something like black label but for that
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2022.01.26 03:05 ChuckleMcFuckleberry Question about FiiO K3 vs. K3s

I found a decent deal on a K3s from aliexpress, I figured they bought in bulk straight from the factory and were selling for low margins or something . I have since learned that FiiO didn't even change the packaging for the new K3, the only way to tell this difference is the barcode so now I'm worried there's a chance those aliexpress stores are getting rid of old K3 stock and hoping people won't know the difference. From what I understand the new K3 was made more out of necessity than a need for an upgrade, given the AKM factory fire, so my question is this: assuming I do get an old K3 is it even worth my time to get a refund? The price I got it for would be a good deal for either, and I'll probably end up without an AMP/DAC for a month or more if I try to return it and find an alternative. How big is the difference between them? Rather ask now than when I actually get it or I may have a box sitting on my desk I can't open for a few days while I wait for responses. Even ignoring all that I wouldn't mind discussion about the actual differences between the versions in a general sense.
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2022.01.26 03:05 Count_dooku728 Any North Idaho Smash players?

Just trying to see if there is anyone willing to play in the area
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2022.01.26 03:05 Danzyway Thoughts on our Pivot Race Tee

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2022.01.26 03:05 Lazy_Suggestion6287 Buses

Howdy! How’s the bus system in Northampton? Is it generally on time?
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2022.01.26 03:05 mrmin123 Tips for hiking Mission Peak?

I've lived in the Bay Area over half my life and haven't gotten around to hiking Mission Peak. I'm taking some time off between jobs soon so wanted to give it a go, but there seems to be a lot of different trails of varying difficulty so wanted to get a collect some tips and suggestions from people here. From what I've gathered I should be wearing good hiking shoes, a hat due to the lack of cover, and bring plenty of water (I read somewhere that I should aim for 2 gallons??).
Are there any 'easier' starting locations or trails you might recommend? I'd also appreciate it if you can point out trails that don't involve anything that involves cliffsides or steep drops, as I'm deathly afraid of heights :P
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