Got a 3D printer and printed my favorite companion

2021.12.04 01:40 traveljerri Got a 3D printer and printed my favorite companion

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2021.12.04 01:40 dirrtyremixes Pelifics - Horizon / FP076 / Full Pupp

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2021.12.04 01:40 anaxagoras1015 Outdating inflation

I dont know much about this stuff but something has been bothering me.
If inflation is being created but that money is only increasing the income of the very few, while the income of many remains stagnant, then that means inflation is increases because new money is being created and income is being increased but just to the very few. So inflation is outpacing wages, but not all wages, the wages of the very few have increased to account for that new money being added to circulation.
The average person then has not seen income increase while inflation has increased, while some have seen their wages increase at a pace which far outpaces inflation. Wouldn't this make a top heavy system?
What would happen if the government along with the economic system found a way to find the per capita income of every person and compare it against what the average person should be making based on inflation. Then they find the difference between the values, take that value and generate money, then take that money and divide it between every person.
I understand this would create inflation but what if that initial value is then tied to the average inflation rate of all goods each year, so that each year that sum of money being divided between all people increase in amount based on inflation?
Wouldnt this then create a system where every single persons income goes up automatically, not based on wages at all, to match inflation. Wouldnt this nullify the effects of inflation on the average person?
Wouldn't pegging inflation to a base rate amount then nullify any need for minimum wages since the base amount is already tied to inflation, there doesnt need to be a law that ensures wages increase with inflation, since inflation is accounted for in the base income already.
It also seems that by increasing the income of many to meet inflation, instead of, increasing the income of the few to far exceed inflation, that spending would be less decentralized. Less centralized spending would mean more people with more money to spend on any one good, instead of, a few people with money speed on one good. It seems like the producers and the investors would actually make more money if they had more people with more money to spend on their goods.
Is this not true that more people with more money would mean more spending on things the few produce and invest in?
If that is true then,
Isnt the best way to create more people with more money to spend would be to take all newly generate money and divide it amongst everyone?
If that is true then,
Would the best way to divide this money new generated money be then to attach it to a set yearly value which is divided out equally, and not attach it to wages because this would not be an equal division, and we are back to the original problem of the few having increased income and dividing only a small portion of their income to the many, causing income of many to remain flat and income of the few to remain proportionally high?
Maybe I am completely off base, but I was just curious how this would actually play out.
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2021.12.04 01:40 LGC3698 [WTT] Mystic Infusion (Me) for 2*Frost Legion Infusions (You)

As the title says, looking to trade.
IGN: Last God Children.3698
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2021.12.04 01:40 tfhaenodreirst I love that live version of Annie on NBC…actually I love any rendition ever of it TBH.

That said, does the whole scene of “I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here” make anyone else…jealous? Like, no one could ever dote on us like that again, just because we’re adults. :/
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2021.12.04 01:40 YAlucardY Meu pai...

Meu pai foi um grande de um cara de se ter ódio total sobre ele, sempre a diminuir minha mãe e meus irmãos, com agressões e palavras. Já não sendo algo totalmente horrível, ele também é um alcoólatra o que acabava impulsionando essa raiva dele e acabar descontando na gente.
Alguns fatos sobre o quão ruim ele era:
Matou o meu gato enforcado(coisa que eu só fiquei sabendo anos depois), bateu na minha mãe até ela desmaiar, bateu no meu irmão que tinha acabado de sair de uma cirurgia (o fazendo mijar de tanto apanhar) e outras coisas que não consigo nem colocar aqui porque me dói.
Depois de anos ele foi mudando, se tornou alguém que quer estar mais perto da família e vive dizendo que quer o nosso bem (Parece meio contraditório com base de como ele fez a gente passar nossas infâncias com medo do próprio pai e criando vários traumas).
Hoje em dia ele se esforça pra mudar, mas mesmo assim ninguém consegue ter carinho por ele. É como se ele percebesse como os erros dele do passado afetou a família que ele criou e tentasse correr atrás pra reverter esse erro.
Ele está sempre tentando ser util para todo mundo aqui em casa mas ninguém nem olha na cara dele, eu percebo como meus irmãos não dão bola alguma quando ele tenta conversar com ele, ou acabam passando direto por ele sem ao menos dar um oi. É praticamente como se ele pagasse por todos os pecados que já cometeu. Mas mesmo assim, mesmo sentido ódio dele por tudo que ele já fez, eu ainda me sinto triste quando vejo que meu pai para as vezes e vai chorar escondido pra não atrapalhar ninguém.
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2021.12.04 01:40 Birdyghostly1 Who do you think is the smartest Strawhat?

I’d make a poll but onepiece doesn’t allow it.
Each strawhat is smart in their own different ways
Luffy: Fighting (admit it, he’s practically a genius when it comes to that) Nami: Navigation and common sense Robin: Archeology/ intelligence Zoro: swordsmanship/ wisdom (imo) Franky: architecture/ mechanics/engineering/technology Usopp: chemistry/engineering Brook: um Sanji: You come up with ideas Chopper: Medicine and science
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2021.12.04 01:40 ramsatesh- Is purchasing a house a good investment decision if I am planning to sell it in 5-7 years? Mortgage interest more than 60% of the financing amount. So when I am trying to sell off and settle my mortgage, I barely make any profit right?

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2021.12.04 01:40 bluebaby_5 🥳

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2021.12.04 01:40 Icy_Respect_9284 $LGVN Candlestick Analysis

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2021.12.04 01:40 misha-bear What’s it like to own a dachshund? 😂

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2021.12.04 01:40 salemonz Can I make my Wemo switches “dumb”?

I’m selling my house. New owners don’t mind the wall switches but aren’t interested in doing any smart-home stuff. I’m using the whole thing as an excuse to get more Wemos when I get a new place.
When I reset everything to factory settings and take down my router, is there a way to just tell the Wemos to chill out about wanting wifi and stop things from flashing? In essence: is there a way to make my Wemo switches dumb until the new owners want to reset them and set things up (if ever)?
Trying to avoid switching out 10 wall switches. New owners already paid for them.
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2021.12.04 01:40 TheExperianceGuy Hot wheels Torque `17 Ford F-150 Raptor Enjoy!

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2021.12.04 01:40 EllisWyatt1 The Windows - Arches NP last week!

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2021.12.04 01:40 jaytee0401 Dick head tesla owner

OK...can someone explain to me the point of a tesla owner to unplug the charging cables from the stations and either leave it on the ground or throw it over the top in the spaces next to his car? And he's using the wrong charging cable in a wrong space.
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2021.12.04 01:40 666dnuoHlleHehTanooL Teaser Trailer by Koki-arts

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2021.12.04 01:40 BoatTailBravo "With all new high resolution pixels!"

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2021.12.04 01:40 Dark_shadow_190 An animated stick figure moist Cr1TiKaL | original scream edition

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2021.12.04 01:40 jbuchana Cell phone dream

Lately I've been having frequent dreams where I'm in some sort of trouble. I try to make a phone call for someone to pick me up, usually my parents or my wife. But I can't do it. The phone doesn't work right, I've forgotten how to use the phone, or their number is not in the address book, and I can't remember what it is. When it's my parents I'm trying to call, I usually remember after a bit of trying to reach them that they're both dead.
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2021.12.04 01:40 TheRealRhyme F2P Ceramic Crucible Without Tack, Boomer, Village, Alch or ANY De-Camo

F2P Ceramic Crucible Without Tack, Boomer, Village, Alch or ANY De-Camo I've been having a TON of fun with off-meta strategies. I made it a challenge for me to skip all the supposedly necessary towers.
The setup uses Gwen, Druid (110 or 210 early game), Dartling (032 mid game), and Spactory (320 and 230 for DDTs). You'll notice that this requires NO fourth tiers. I used alch instead of druid for a while back in white wasteland, but I found druid lets you get way more economy early.
This can beat everything up to the fortified BAD, just like tack and boomer (need tack zone or perma charge to beat FBAD). My plan is to eventually unlock jungle's bounty and plasma accelerator in order to kill them. I recently unlocked spike storm but have yet to actually see if it does anything to the FBAD
Don't get me wrong, it's quite a bit rougher than running sub, tack, or boomer, but it can hold its ground against those strategies.
Also note that this is before 1.0.4, where dartling and druid are planned to be buffed. I admit I don't know how this will fare against the mid-game rush buffs.
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2021.12.04 01:40 itzSnipesGaming I love the Ghostbusters Pke but who thinks this would have been a better Watson heirloom?

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2021.12.04 01:40 red_beard_the_irate Points for Fantasy Survivor

I am running a game of Fantasy Survivor it is our first time ever running it and we put together a rough set of rules for how points are given out. Currently here are the points that we give out.

Achevment Note Points
Tribal Immunity Points given out to each cast member that is awareded tribal Immunity 100
Individual Immunity Points awarded to the Cast Member who wins individual immunity. 2 individual immunities are give out each player get points. 500
Tribal Reward Points given out to each cast member that is awareded tribal Reward 50
Individual Reward Points awarded to the Cast Member who winds individual immunity. 250
Indivitual Reward Gues Points awarded to the Cast Members that are chosen to join in the reward but didn't wind the challange 125
Finding An Advantage Points awarded to a cast member who finds an advantage. Points are not given to a cast member who is handded an idol. 500
Using an Advantage Points awarded when a Cast Member uses ther advantage weather sucessfull or not. 100
Do or Die When you successfuly get saved in a due or die challange 500
Voiding a Vote Points awarded when the Cast Member plays an advantage and voids a vote. Points are awarded for each vote that is voided due to your advantage. This includes the Shot in the Dark. 100
Total Votes Points are deducted for each vote that is cast against you -50
Use Shot in the Dark Points awarded if a cast member uses the shot in the dark. 500
Get a Safe Points are awarded if a cast member uses the shot in th dark and gets a Safe 1000
Merge Points are awarded to cast members who make it to the Merge 500
Sole Survivor Votes Points are awarded for each vote you recieve to become the Sole Survivor 500
Other thoughts we have had as well as why they arn't implemented Each confessional - Give points for each confessional that a cast member is given. (This one would be hard to track while enjoying watching.) Screen time - Would love to be able to track the number of min each person got on scren or the work count they got total in the viewing (Without some advanced ML or a great transcript service)
I think these things are more fun if ther are more ways to earn points.
What would you change about the points awarded? How else would you award points?
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2021.12.04 01:40 horseshoeoverlook Coach Udoka: "To only lose by seven with a team shooting that hot, it shows our effort and the way we played hard tonight."

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2021.12.04 01:40 ncsportsfan Meg Crittenden

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2021.12.04 01:40 lemonading_toast 😴 Asleep

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