My condition makes me feel pain when ever I drive over 80kpm

2021.12.04 01:31 Skore79 My condition makes me feel pain when ever I drive over 80kpm

However The Tokyo drift tournament offered me a lot of money, And my daughter needs that operation.
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2021.12.04 01:31 Ergine_Dream A chinese EDM style called "chinese shuffle"

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2021.12.04 01:31 AdministrativeRub139 Most ruthless motherfucker award goes to: Shouyu. For doing this shit instead of just fucking finishing them off

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2021.12.04 01:31 CoC_God 3 TH14s

3 for $200 or 1 for $100, each. PM is 🔑. We will use trusted MM or buyer goes first. The TH14s are non rushed and have full email access. I need to sell ASAP.
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2021.12.04 01:31 PeopleAreFuckers Looking for Parasol!

My offer is the Miss lady rose set and dear dolly shoes
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2021.12.04 01:31 leeleechanda Death garden mask on console?

Yesterday while I was playing (Xbox), I saw a meg (also on Xbox) with the death garden mask. I thought it was a PC exclusive? If it isn’t anymore, how do I get it?
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2021.12.04 01:31 certifiedbrumoment14 What feature would you want the most on universal?

I want all of these artists to be featured on these songs or just on the album in general but what yall want the most?
View Poll
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2021.12.04 01:31 pedal_deals_bot Gibson 120th Anniversary Flying V 2014 - $1,027 ($877 + $150 S/H) 92%

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2021.12.04 01:31 besmik Vay be KİMLER KİMLERLE BİRLİKTE

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2021.12.04 01:31 ben81PRO Jimmy Lai’s Apple Daily to shut Taiwan operations. What a nice weekend use going to be..

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2021.12.04 01:31 lemonchrysoprase Trying very hard to make minimalist changes

Hi all! New to the sub. I’ve always been what I’d call gently minimal; I’ve always lived in one-bedroom apartments, so I haven’t ever accumulated tons of stuff. Even so, I feel like I have way too much.
So I’m asking for a couple of pieces of advice, as a newcomer:

  1. Can you recommend any good books on minimalist living? I have an e-reader so anything that is available for those would be ideal. The few books I do have are very high in sentimental value, but I don’t want to buy more physical books if I can help it!
  2. What would you recommend regarding cutting back on the number of plushes I have? I know it’s silly as an adult, but I love plushes and teddy bears, and have way too many of both. But ever since covid, the local thrift stores won’t take plush toys anymore. I don’t want to just throw them out since they’re in great shape, so any recs would be awesome.
Thanks so much!
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2021.12.04 01:31 granulated-toaster i find it amusing watching someone try to explain the “deep” level of humour in the phrase “let’s go brandon”

like fuck it’s so pathetic lmao
“so basically it’s kind of deeper level comedy that you wouldn’t understand, i wouldn’t expect you to find it funny. yknow not because it isn’t funny of course haha, you’re just too dumb to understand 🙄 so there was this car race right”
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2021.12.04 01:31 JinPT Problem with Schiit Fulla E adapter

Hi guys,
I just got my Schiit Fulla E in the mail (international mail, it just took 4 days) and I think I might have been unlucky to receive a defective unit.
The problem happens when I use the 1/4" to 1/8" adapter and plug it all the way, it sounds like the lows and bass are missing, it's like the songs are lacking half the sounds and sound terrible. I couldn't believe this was what Fulla was supposed to sound like and even compared to my FiiO Q1 (old model from 2016 I think), which sounds miles ahead better.
After fiddling a bit with the adapter I found out that if I don't connect it all the one in the headphone output it sounds fine, great even.
Could this be a bad contact inside my Fulla E or something like that? Or could it be just a bad adapter?
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2021.12.04 01:31 Theolchamp Couldn’t ask for more lol got both the new featured units on both banners and was able to pull them together. Should I keep summoning or go for vegito zenkai??

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2021.12.04 01:31 Unusual-Oil-4620 Mary Jane Kart
These appear to be proprietary but 510 carts should also be coming soon. Commenter advised these are dry herb for dosage but it appears there will be a Bluetooth so that will collect patient data for the benefit of the companies.
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2021.12.04 01:31 thisismyusernamether These cereal bars

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2021.12.04 01:31 Turbulent_Name_6249 به به😅🤤

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2021.12.04 01:31 Professional_Clue813 Help to ID, thanks!

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2021.12.04 01:31 FrustratingComments What was your greatest salesmanship moment?

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2021.12.04 01:31 gregthegamer4646 Tell me your favourite song/band/album name and I will flesh it out into a strong and viable stand for you, complete with stand abilities plus apperance (Round 2)

Hey guys I'm back with another stand writing post. Same rules apply. Stands will be written in a first come first serve basis, and I will not skip anyone of you. For those who have done this before on the other post, try to pick another song/band/album that others have not used to keep originality intact. Once again all stands written here are all open for free usage and I do not claim them as my own.
I will start with those who commented on my previous post and have not gotten their stands written yet, and will transfer them over here. Thanks and just have some fun reading.
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2021.12.04 01:31 BabyCum2Me Cyndi Lauper - Hat Full of Stars

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2021.12.04 01:31 Maynard4life Need a 3rd. Any build. Ps4

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2021.12.04 01:31 johnrock001 Top 10 Anime of 2021 - Must Watch Anime 2021

Top 10 Anime of 2021 - Must Watch Anime 2021 -
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2021.12.04 01:31 Y000mamma I love to buy the dip

Ive been trading algo for about a year now and have seem it grow. Love the coin but also love the quick wins when it drops as it always jumps back.
I buy approx 1000 GBP of algo and make over 10% back in a short time.
Wish I had kept some long term now when it was 0.4 GBP each.
This is the only coin worth being awake at 4am for, the rest I let trade while I'm asleep 😴
Just wanted to share while I'm awake lol
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2021.12.04 01:31 SomebodyInGNV broadcast pattern?

How does Cellmapper get the broadcast patterns for towers? Is it public information?
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