ARod/Jeter UD Classic Alumni Error Print

2021.12.04 00:49 Jaybenmn ARod/Jeter UD Classic Alumni Error Print

Anyone seen or know anything about this one? I've searched and can't find anything concrete.
It's an 1993 Upper Deck Classic Alumni Alex Rodriguez card but the back has a printing error that has an off-center misprint showing the partial rear of a Derek Jeter card. It's a pretty cool error but I can't find anything along the lines of a value or an estimate of rarity.
Throwing a hail mary here to see if anyone knows anything.
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2021.12.04 00:49 teemololgg needs help killed by a boar on a big island

pls help🥲
steam friend code: 864396709
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2021.12.04 00:49 greenirishsaint I'm Missing One Piece on my Puzzle

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2021.12.04 00:49 snabriel_snarsch Are there any good SUP 5 streamers out there to watch?

title says it all
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2021.12.04 00:49 Junior_Ad_701 How do you unlock barn finds? Do you have to pay to use them

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2021.12.04 00:49 kitkatt6767 What are some things that are in your anti-aging arsenal?

Just about to hit mid 50s female have been blessed with good health. I did quite a bit of cardio working out when I was younger because I've always carried extra weight in the midsection something for that I did that.
Current regimen anti-aging Arsenal includes intermittent fasting.... weightlifting.... reducing meat eating basically only chicken a few times a week and green smoothies and juicing. I do take a shake with adaptogens like reishi and cordyceps a couple times a week. Okay the other thing I forgot is I allow myself to get two massages a month and I take baths with Himalayan bath salts and lavender oil almost every other day. Listen to TED talks and listen to positive things positive podcasts.
The other anti-aging thing is allowing myself to be surrounded by positive people and know that love is good and love heals
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2021.12.04 00:49 obykoo AX3600 Router 5Ghz network not visible anywhere

I have problem with AX3600, 5Ghz suddenly become unavailable, I can not find anywhere. After multiple restarts and changing settings I was able to see it, but no device was able to connect to it and now it is again not visible on any device.

Anyone have same problem?
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2021.12.04 00:49 Agreed2 My friend started calling himself the Hebrew hammer

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2021.12.04 00:49 BartsMyDog I can’t find these in black or on the adidas website

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2021.12.04 00:49 CaptainOfUpBeats What could a $100 Visa Gc get

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2021.12.04 00:49 leighleecats Festive Lunch Buffet at Colony - The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore

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2021.12.04 00:49 dyland6423 Everything exists NOW in your own wonderful human imagination :)

So I was just taking a stroll around my town today and I was just pondering all of nevilles teachings. I had a moment where I was pretty enlightened and I realized, everything, does in fact, exist right now.
Now, one of the first laws of physics that I had learned was that "no energy or matter is created nor destroyed" and so, literally, everything that can ever possibly exist exists NOW! The only thing that ever changes is the appearance of that which already exists (all of the energy and matter in the universe).
And so, when you imagine something, IT IS REAL RIGHT NOW. IT EXISTS. You are simply seeing something that does exist right now, but in order for it to appear in your world, you have to believe that it exists right now.
The "I" of man is God. God sees all that exists, now tell me, is there a single thing that you cannot imagine? Any at all? So, you are God, and these things you see in your imagination are all things that exist right now. In the mind, you can see anything and everything anywhere at anytime. So go into your mind and see what you'd like to see, and understand that, it truly does exist right now. All you have to do is believe that it does.
Now, how does it feel knowing that what you just saw in your imagination is a real thing? How does it feel knowing that if you believe this thing is real, you will see it in your world? You saw a wedding ring on your finger? Holy shit dude! You are literally married RIGHT NOW! Isnt that just wonderful? You don't have to look and search for love anymore because you're ALREADY married!
Sorry if this post isn't the greatest, im very tired but this line of thought helped me see things even clearer and I hope it does for you as well, as always, any questions are encouraged!!!
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2021.12.04 00:49 Musa2005 أساطير الأولين

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2021.12.04 00:49 Creative-Ad3650 Here’s my newest video
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2021.12.04 00:49 IOweUEverythingBoo Renee Bhagwandeen

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2021.12.04 00:49 clip_mirror_bot Poke on LA people

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2021.12.04 00:49 Red-WineClub-Prez HOW'S EVERYONE DOING TONITE

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2021.12.04 00:49 summersky- which chemical elements/compounds do you think would be great names?

I'm not too knowledgeable about chemical compounds or anything related to chemistry, really, and I didn't know how I came across it, but I really like Xylene. I think it sounds really pretty and I feel like it would be a great name, and I'm surprised it's not already a name! it sounds like Celine/Selene, but it's zai-leen instead of suh-leen.
other elements/compounds that I think would be great names: * Magnesia (inspired by magnesium). it sounds like it would be a nice feminine form of Magnus. * Methany/Methania (inspired by methanol). it's like Bethany, but with an M. nicknames can be Metha. * Xenon. this one is already a name that I also like!
what do you guys think? are these great ideas or am I just being crazy?
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2021.12.04 00:49 171771 In order to win, you only need to refuse to play the game. Vax/test mandates only work if you comply. Lawmakers refused to play.

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2021.12.04 00:49 lil_vault_boy Am I the only person straight up not getting wild cards?

I haven't gotten wildcards in a whole week I'm just wondering if I'm unlucky lmao
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2021.12.04 00:49 therabbithole12 Mission accomplished!

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2021.12.04 00:49 haven2057 Event: Mech Bays of Mech-Mass (Free Mech Bays & CBills & MCs)

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2021.12.04 00:49 unsharp Testing positive as a single parent with a child

What happens if my young child (under 12) or myself test positive for COVID? Do we both go to hospital or just the one that tests positive? Will I be separated from my child for 10-14 days in hospital?
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2021.12.04 00:49 nopenonotatall Would it be weird to cook for a co-worker whose wife has cancer?

Backstory: A co-worker of mine who I’m not super close with (although we talk on a daily basis) has a wife who is undergoing chemo. Currently they are living separately because she requires around the clock care and is living with her parents. Because of this, he’s living a sort of bachelor lifestyle living off of microwaved meals (if he even eats at all).
Would it be weird if I made him some home cooked meals for him to reheat for dinners for a week? Although it’s common knowledge that his wife has cancer, I don’t want his pride to take a hit or to feel pitied in away way. I just want him to know that he’s cared about and for him to enjoy some home-cooked meals. Is this weird? If this is weird, is there something else I can do to help his situation or to help him feel cared about or to help lessen his burden in any way?
He’s a wonderful, selfless, kind person who I think really deserves to be treated to some kindness. I’d appreciate any advice!
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2021.12.04 00:49 FunkyViking6 First Hired Muscle target is Captain Aldis…

They gave me my first hired muscle quest and it’s to kick the ass of the solitude guards captain bruh
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