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This is Binny and he is trying to sit as still as he can for cheese.

Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs is a series of children's books written and drawn by Ian Whybrow and Adrian Reynolds.The series is about a five-year-old boy named Harry, who has a bucket full of six dinosaurs named Taury, Trike, Patsy, Pterence, Sid, and Steggy. The Bad Guys #7: The Bad Guys in Do-You-Think-He-Saurus?!: Special Edition by Aaron Blabey; The Bad Guys #8: The Bad Guys in Superbad by Aaron Blabey; The Bad Guys #9: The Bad Guys in the Big Bad Wolf by Aaron Blabey; The Bad Guys Boxset (Books 1-5) written and illustrated by Aaron Blabey; The Bad Guys Collection written and illustrated by ... At the trial at Lincoln CC Lake claimed he was offered £20,000 by Colin and blackmailed with photographs of himself being raped while on holiday when he refused. Oct 19 – Robert and Richard Turnbull, who both had severe cerebral palsy, were smothered with a pillow after being given sleeping tablets at home at Whitecliff Bay, near Bembridge ... A Google ingyenes szolgáltatása azonnal lefordítja a szavakat, kifejezéseket és weboldalakat a magyar és több mint 100 további nyelv kombinációjában. He's the new kid whom everyone likes. He enjoys photography. His favourite colour is grey, and his favourite food is barbecue sauce. He always says Chimo, with a little twist with his hand, to greet and say goodbye to people. Sadie finds him sweet, charming, smug, and cute. He calls her "Red" because of her hair colour, and makes her take risks. But in typical BarnYard fashion, we will still be trying to load Jul 21, 2020 · Hello I'm Mike Manley, welcome to my studio Blog. com/F3Iz8XkTScm0 Vgk 2 https://semawur. 1 YB&M 39. Jul 13, 2019 · He completed the gift in school; his teacher assisted her students in completing their Shrinky Dink key chains. Super. About Me.

2021.10.24 13:31 gomukgo This is Binny and he is trying to sit as still as he can for cheese.

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2021.10.24 13:31 RobinMayPanPan The entire story of Outer Wilds (to date) (FULL SPOILERS)

A while back,I wrote a short story synopsis of the events of Outer Wilds, to try to put it all together into a single coherent narrative. With the release of Echoes of the Eye, I decided to fix some of the issues with my original version and add in content from Echoes of the Eye. Once again, this is my take on the events that happened and may or may not perfectly reflect what you think happened or what actually happened. If you have a different idea of these events, or any corrections, please leave them in the comments!

Without further ado:

In another time, in a universe quite different from our own, a lush, green moon hung in the skies of a beautiful ringed planet. Their star was an older star, already large and crimson. This forest moon was populated by a community of nocturnal creatures that were something like a cross between an owl and an elk. One of their scientists would sometimes carry around a telescope-like device that collected information about the cosmos and relayed it directly into their brain. One day, while looking out into the stars, the device picked up a strange signal from a nearby star system. An odd and mysterious object unlike anything they had ever seen before.
Whatever it was that tantalized them about that object we do not know, but we do know the extent of their obsession. These people ravaged their home moon, tearing apart the lush greeny and beauty for resources with which to build a ring world capable of traveling to the nearby star around which the object orbited.
The owl-elk people climbed aboard their ring world and took flight, leaving their devastated world behind. Their eyes were focused on the object of their desire, this thing that would later be called the “Eye of the Universe” by others. Within their ring world, they built temples to it to celebrate the future when they would unlock its secrets. While they crossed the stars, they enjoyed their beautiful ring world and the views of the approaching star system ahead.
Their arrival at the small star system was surely a momentous occasion. They ignored the six planets that made up the star system and looked upon the nearby Eye to learn more about its secrets. What they learned horrified them. In it they saw the destruction of all things beautiful and living, a harbinger of death. Their eyes narrowed and glowed with fear and hate. They torched their temples to the Eye and erected a shield around it to prevent any others from hearing its siren’s call.
With the Eye safely hidden from discovery, their rage turned to abject grief. They had destroyed their homeworld to chase a dream, and that dream had turned out to be a nightmare for them. What could possibly assuage them?
The technology of the owl-elks was fascinating. They had devices capable of transmitting information directly from brain to brain by way of beams of light, and could even encode that information for later replay. This technology lead to the creation of a virtual world, a Matrix of sorts, that would allow their people to relive the memories of their homeland in full 3D, as if they were really there. This grew even more intense when they discovered that their technology could allow a person to enter the virtual world even after death. One of their people suddenly died within range of their virtual world devices. Despite dying, the person appeared in the virtual world as though nothing had changed. Somehow, the person’s virtual self was capable of living past their physical body!
The owl-elks decided. They would cast aside their physical forms and enter the virtual world en-masse. To ensure that no one could ever visit the ring world and learn their secrets, they digitized all of their records and destroyed the physical copies. They hid their virtual world chambers behind secret doors, and hid their craft behind a cloaking shield, to be left to operate independently. In doing this, they would ensure that no one would ever find them nor the mysterious and terrible Eye. They perhaps hoped that this would avoid the accursed ending of the universe that would bring about their destruction.
That would have been the whole of the story if not for the courageous actions of one of their people who bore a broken antler. Before the owl-elk people all became permanent denizens of their virtual world, this renegade snuck out of the virtual world and into the control room to deactivate the shield around the Eye, releasing its signal! The signal of the Eye soared through the cosmos, racing away from the owl-elk people.
But it didn’t last long. Before the one with a broken antler had even left the control room, their people found and imprisoned the renegade in a solitary chamber, isolated away from all the owl-elks. They reactivated the shield and destroyed the controls so no one could ever shut it off again. They returned to their virtual reality and left their physical bodies behind.
Time passed.
It’s not known how long the signal travelled out into the darkness, but it was a very very long time. The bodies of the owl-elks withered to skeletons. The lush green of the ring world faded to dead and browns.
It came to pass that the signal, travelling for so long through the cosmos, came to arrive at a spacefaring colony Vessel of a nomadic species of goat-like beings called the Nomai. The Noami would travel the universe in massive colony ships, seeking out knowledge and information everywhere they went. Using warp drives powered by paired black and white holes, they would warp from star system to star system, returning back to others of their species in a grand festival to share their findings and adventures.
The Nomai that encountered this strange signal were the clan of Escall. The signal was unlike any they had ever seen, and seemed to be older than the universe itself! The Escall clan were baffled. How could this be?! Overwhelmed with curiosity, Captain Escall ordered his ship to warp to the signal immediately before they lost track of it. Already, the brief blip that was the signal was slipping away, and they didn't even have time to let the other Nomai Vessels know what they were doing when they warped.
As their Vessel dropped out of warp, alarms started ringing throughout the ship. Horror filled them as the ship had become enmeshed with a mass of vines in a strange cloudy gray space. It was almost as though the ship had fused with these horrible vines. They traced throughout the ship, breaching the warp core and disabling life support. The Nomai had no choice but to abandon ship. Three escape pods launched in the hopes of finding their way to safety.
The escape pods hurled blindly into the fog outside the ship, in three different directions. One escape pod slammed into a cluster of brambles and halted its escape. Their on board life support failing and running out of air, the Nomai attempted to flee back to the Vessel. Alas, the strange space twisting geometry of the Dark Bramble confused them, and they got stuck staring through a tiny space warp at their Vessel as their air faded and they perished.
The remaining two escape pods fared much better. One crash landed on a strange hollow planet with a brittle crust. The other landed on a desert planet close to this system’s sun. Safe for now and out of harm's way, the survivors put together a life for themselves. They found shelter, built villages, and thrived. Generations passed. They, their children and their children's children rebuilt and rediscovered technologies that had been lost with the colony ship. In time, they reconnected with their lost kin. Together once more, they collectively turned their eyes towards the signal that had called to the original crew of their clan so long ago.
It was they that named the source of that ancient signal the "Eye of the Universe," a mysterious "quantum" force older than the universe itself. Because the signal from the Eye had been shielded by the owl-elks, the Nomai could not actively pinpoint its location. Yet they could see signs of the Eye throughout the solar system. Most especially, they knew of a moon that sometimes visited the skies of the various planets in the solar system. This "Quantum Moon" seemed to vanish when not observed, travelling from one planet to another in the literal blink of an eye. When it was nowhere to be found, they believed that it was orbiting the Eye of the Universe itself, something they would later confirm. Seeking the Eye of the Universe became the core of their personal and cultural practices, in effect. It consumed their thoughts and drove them ever forward every day of their lives. From the time they were children, they were taught its mysteries and taught to seek to discover more about this mystery. When the technology became available, travelling to the Quantum Moon in the skies of the Eye became a right of passage for all young Nomai entering adulthood. Scientific and technological progress continually pushed towards the development of a plan to find, and then reach, the Eye of the Universe.
One of the peculiarities of the solar system they were in was a pair of wormholes that allowed seemingly instantaneous travel from one side of the wormhole to the other. The Nomai developed a way to harness this ability themselves and created warp gates, or teleporters, that would let them travel from one planet to another by simply stepping onto the teleporter pad. Oddly, they discovered that the apparent instantaneous travel was not actually instantaneous. Rather, the person would step out of the wormhole just moments before stepping into it on the other end. It was actually sending the person backwards in time! Experimenting with this, they discovered adding extra power to the wormhole would exaggerate the effect, allowing them to increase the time to levels observable with their own eyes. This lead to a daring idea.
If they could make a wormhole that could send things far enough back in time, they could send out a probe to look for the Eye of the Universe, record that information, then send it back to the launch of the probe. Thus a *single* probe could carry out mission after mission, looking for the Eye of the Universe, simply by repeatedly recording and sending information about what it had found back to the past. In a sense, it would create a sort of time loop, where the knowledge of what was happening would continually change the past. The Nomai could simply wait for the launch and have thousands or millions of probe launches and their results recorded where only one occurred in their time.
Unfortunately, it would take a full 22 minutes to launch the probe a sufficient distance to find the Eye. Anything less would risk not finding the Eye. The amount of power necessary to send things back that far back in time would be enormous. By their estimates, the only source of that much power would be the sun going nova, and of course, that would be ridiculous. It wouldn’t go nova for thousands of years. Yet the ever crafty Nomai came up with a ridiculous plan: What if they detonated it themselves? They immediately began construction of a station that would orbit around the sun and detonate it at the appropriate time.
To counter the side effects of destroying literally everything in the solar system, the Nomai came up with a way to record one’s memories using large statues and send those memories back in time along with the probe’s search results data. When this happened, the Nomai that was linked to this memory recorder statue would "wake up" and experience themself as being in a time loop, continually seeing the sun going nova over and over again.
Sitting through the thousands of loops necessary to find the Eye would be tedious. To avoid this, the memory recorders were programmed to only activate once the Eye had been found. After that loop, the linked Nomai would realize they were in the time loop, then go to the sun station and deactivate the nova device, thus preventing the sun’s detonation and ending the loop. Now safe from the nova and armed with the knowledge of the Eye's location, the Nomai would then travel en masse to the Eye of the Universe and finally unlock its secrets.
It was an incredible plan, and its execution began. With everything in place, the Nomai stood aboard the sun station and activated their star detonator. They all stood there watching and waiting for the machinery to activate, but nothing happened. Everything was in place, yet they could not detonate the star to get the power they needed. They furrowed their brows in frustration, considering new approaches.
While frustration with the star detonator was still fresh, a comet quietly drifted into the solar system. As it got closer, the Nomai picked up readings of huge amounts of energy coming off of it. Perhaps enough to power the time loop machinery? They hastily put together an expedition and travelled to the comet to explore its depths.
Within the comet, the Nomai discovered a horrible secret. The source of the incredible energy was coming from a strange sphere in the core of the comet. They realized too late that the energy inside the sphere was orders of magnitude more powerful than what their readings had told them. Worse, the sphere seemed to be under high pressure, ready to burst with just a little more energy, energy like the sun as it fell towards the star. The scientists within the comet realized with horror that the sphere was about to burst and raced out of the comet to warn everyone. They were barely out of the primary chamber when the sphere burst. It was a geode containing crystals of a strange exotic matter that would later be called "ghost matter." The ruptured geode exploded with such energy and force that every planet in the solar system was blanketed by this deadly "Ghost matter" in an instant. The dark energies radiated from the crystals froze everything on every planet, bringing instantaneous death and destruction on a cataclysmic level. Every living thing throughout the star system was frozen and killed in an instant, falling over right in the midst of their daily lives.
The Nomai civilization had reached its end.
Hundreds of thousands of years passed. Buildings crumbled. Bodies decayed. Villages were buried. The lost Nomai were forgotten or turned into legend. Their machines went into sleep mode and awaited something that would trigger it in the future.
A funny thing about ghost matter. Despite being so deadly, it has no effect underwater. Additionally, over thousands of years ghost matter loses its strength and fades. A small four eyed amphibian on Timber Hearth lived through the calamity and flourished deep underground in the warm hot springs. As the ghost matter radiation diminished on the surface, this creature climbed out of the water and evolved. Over time, the species grew intelligent and began to look toward the stars.
They called themselves the Hearthians and named their space program Outer Wilds Ventures. As they ventured out into space, they found remnants of the Nomai everywhere. Full of curiosity, they studied these artifacts from this long dead species. They brought back Nomai artifacts and learned from their accomplishments and science.
Had the Nomai never visited this star system, the final 22 minutes of the Hearthian star system might have passed unremarkably. Like so many other stars reaching the natural end of their lives, the star would have exploded and obliterated the star system it was a part of. Little else would be said. Here, the Nomai had left ancient machinery built to harness the power of a dying star to begin a search for the answer to a mystery that would have implications for the entire universe.
As the star reached its natural end and went nova, the Nomai artifacts sprang to life. The energy of the nova empowered long dormant machines to open a wormhole and transmit data precisely 22 minutes into the past. This transmission triggered the launch of the probe to seek the Eye of the Universe. The time loop had begun.
Within the time loop, millions of probe launches took place, each transmitting its results into the past for the next iteration of the loop. The 9,318,054'th probe launch found the Eye and thus triggered the last step of the Nomai's long dormant plan. The memory statues activated, and the memory data became part of the transmission into the past. The intent, of course, was to send the memories back into a Nomai so they could stop what was intended to have been the premature death of the star. Instead, the statues were sending memories back into the minds of two Hearthians with no idea what was going on. Worse, they were unable to stop the coming cataclysm. They were both locked into a 22 minute time loop, forced to watch the end of everything they loved over and over again.
One of the two Hearthians, Gabbro, took this in stride and simply relaxed in a hammock to watch the fiery cataclysm overhead. The other Hearthian took a different approach, and used their borrowed time to discover more about the universe. Through their actions they would become the Last Hearthian.
The Last Hearthian spent days, perhaps weeks, inside this apparent time loop, studying the ancient Nomai, their history, and their machines. Their journey would take them throughout the solar system, learning about its history and all that came before it. The Last Hearthian would even meet Solanum, a Nomai stuck in a quantum superposition of being both alive and dead within the quantum moon.
The owl-elk people were similarly both alive and dead, their bodies withered, but their minds contained within their virtual dream world, pining for their lost home world. The Last Hearthian found them too, and freed the renegade owl-elk who had been imprisoned for turning off the shield that blocked the signal of the Eye so long ago.
The Nomai’s quest for knowledge had been halted by their untimely demise, but picked back up by the Last Hearthian. The knowledge the Last Hearthian gained gave them understanding of the inevitability of the death to come. This was the horrible truth that the owl-elk had tried to suppress.The owl-elk had fled this truth, but the Last Hearthian chose instead to embrace it, just as the Nomai had. In doing so, they chose to fulfill the dying wish of the ancient Nomai.
The Vessel was still waiting inside the Dark Bramble. Though broken and without power or life support, much of the ship was still viable. It simply needed a power source to give it the ability to warp once more. With the coordinates of the Eye of the Universe in hand, the Last Hearthian removed the warp core that was powering the time loop and journeyed quickly to the Nomai colony ship. They inserted the functional warp core, set the coordinates for the Eye of the Universe, and went to warp.
The ship shuddered and twisted. Space melted around them. Then... quiet. In the distance, a star exploded. The Last Hearthian watched quietly from the deck of the Vessel as the super nova consumed their home one last time, with no more time loop to save it from the inevitable. Their home gone forever, they turned their gaze to the strange dark Eye of the Universe that lay below. Flashes of purple energy radiated from it like lightning flashes in a thunderstorm. The Last Hearthian took a breath and stepped off the Vessel onto the Eye's surface.
It's difficult to tell a coherent narrative of what came next, but one might think of it this way.
The Eye of the Universe knew the end was coming and cried out for someone to come help. The owl-elk people heard that cry and rejected it in fear, knowing that it meant the end of all things. The Nomai also heard the cry, but perished before they were able to answer its call. Upon the surface of the Eye, it was the Last Hearthian that watched as star after star vanished and the sky grew blacker and blacker. Whole galaxies winked out of existence, until the only light left was that of the Hearthian.
The Eye reflects what is around it, and now it reflected the mind of the Last Hearthian. They came to a grove of trees surrounding a campfire. Around it their friends and loved ones were gathered. Solanum, now the last Nomai, and the renegade owl-elk, also now the last of their people, joined the gathering. Together, they sang of the universe that was, one last celebration of what they had been there to see. They gave thanks to the universe they had been a part of and celebrated the joys they had had along the way. As the embers in the campfire died and the last marshmallow was roasted, they said the final goodbye that would ever be said.
It is said that every end is a beginning, and the Eye now called upon the Last Hearthian for that purpose. In the smoke above the dying embers of the campfire, something new was forming. It just needed a little push to get started. It needed someone to be there to observe it. The Eye called to the Last Hearthian to come watch.
I truly believe there were tears in the eyes of the Last Hearthian as they watched the big bang of a new universe take place before them. They became the observer whose observations brought forth the new universe, so that others might live and be. The light filled everything, because it was everything, and the Last Hearthian was consumed by the cosmic genesis, their life seeding trillions of galaxies and stars that would one day sprout life of their own.
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2021.10.24 13:31 rikola2 Can this motherboard take another GPU?

Machine: Type: Desktop Mobo: ASRock model: B450M Steel Legend serial:  UEFI: American Megatrends v: P3.60 date: 11/03/2020 Display: x11 server: X.Org 1.20.11 driver: amdgpu,ati unloaded: fbdev,modesetting,vesa resolution: 3840x2160~60Hz OpenGL: renderer: Radeon RX 550 Series (POLARIS11 DRM 3.40.0 5.11.0-38-generic LLVM 12.0.0) v: 4.6 Mesa 21.0.3 
I plan to add an RX580. My desired virtual machine configuration benefits from 2 GPUs. I'm also curious if the RX550 would still provide any benefit during gaming or not (of course this is not the main use)
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2021.10.24 13:31 LuckiTheLizard Does signing up twice for the close testing disqualify your sign up?

So, I saw the pop-up twice, so I signed up twice, once using @gmail, and the second using @googlemail, and I’ve been seeing things that say signing up twice disqualifies you, but I also see things saying it doesn’t, what’s the real answer?
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🚣 Floki Swap 🚣 was designed to bring true utility to the Meme coin space here are our following developments.
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The Dev team has expansive experience in Project development & marketing, and plan to expand the community. Stop Investing in ordinary shit coins that are here today and gone tomorrow, Join a dev that really cares. New Developments coming with a great team backing the project join the community. We aim at building a long term project with the help of a strong community and use cases that will bring our holders the most value possible.
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🔐 Liquidity Lock 1 YEAR
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2021.10.24 13:31 DragonChasm I love movies from Denis Villeneuve like Sicario, Arrival, Prisoners etc but watching Dune was an underwhelming experience for me. Did I miss something? Everybody hyped it so much idk honestly

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Ref stop the game. Give them a oil brake cause it s burning.
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