Low FPS gaming on a 144 Hz G-Sync monitor

PRECISION TO THE MAX . Dedicated to competitive gamers, the 1ms GTG response time significantly reduces monitor blur occurrence, and the 360Hz displays powered by NVIDIA G-SYNC are 1.5X faster than conventional 240HZ displays and take full advantage of ultra-high frame rates in today’s biggest game titles such as VALORANT, Fortnite, CS: GO, Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch, and Apex Legends. ASUS TUF Gaming 25" 1080P Monitor (VG259Q) - Full HD, IPS, 144Hz, 1ms, Extreme Low Motion Blur, Speaker, Adaptive-Sync, G-SYNC Compatible, VESA Mountable, DisplayPort, HDMI, Height Tilt Adjustable Acer Nitro VG240Y Pbiip 23.8 Inches Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS Gaming Monitor with AMD Radeon FreeSync Technology, Zero Frame, 144Hz, 1ms VRB, (2 x ... Shipping dates for the LG 27'' UltraGear 4K UHD Nano IPS 1ms 144Hz G-Sync Compatible Gaming Monitor, Model # 27GP950-B are subject to change without prior notice so you will need to submit an email using the 'Notify Me When Available' link on the monitor's product detail page so you can receive an alert as soon as the monitor is back in stock again. New World Low FPS in Settlements. It is worth noting that almost everyone, no matter how good the PC is encounters frame rate drops in largely populated settlements. We went from 72 in the open world to 25 while the server settlement was packed. However, we did not experience New World low FPS during the settlement when the settlement was quiet. Lenovo G24-10 23.6-inch Gaming Monitor, FHD (1920 x 1080), TN Panel, LED Backlit, NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible, 144Hz, 1ms Response, HDMI, DP, Low Blue Light, Anti-Glare, 65FDGCC2US, Black 4.6 out of 5 stars 119

2021.10.24 12:12 listenin2 Low FPS gaming on a 144 Hz G-Sync monitor

When im playing newer games and my FPS is in the 60-80 range it feels very stuttery. I've also tried limiting my fps to 60 but it feels like 30 fps even with G-Sync. My PC specs are: Gtx 1660 ti, Ryzen 5 2600x with 16 gigs of 3200mhz memory.
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2021.10.24 12:12 dovoc502 Question for bi dudes, are there any differences you feel when you try to pursue a man/woman?

I don't mind just sexually. Dudes and non-dudes you're welcome to answer please.
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2021.10.24 12:12 LostOpinion99 Alternative NFT blockchains other than ETH, CARDANO, SOL

I wanted to know in what other blockchains nft's are blooming. I am deep in CNFT's (Cardano) which are relatively cheap and not many projects launch there so it's easier to determine what is worth minting. Ethereum nft's I'm not even going to bother with the gas fees it's stupid. I have tested the Solana nft space which seems to be 2nd biggest space other than ETH but there is a lot of overpriced projects imo. And finally I know about Avalanche but I've seen that it's a hustle. I would like some recommendations on other blockchains that are worth checking out for their nft's.
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2021.10.24 12:12 zetagundam12 24 M4F kitchener-waterloo, Netflix and head pats

Hoping to find someone I can snuggle up with and zone out with netflix, headpats very much a plus
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2021.10.24 12:12 TheTRCG The prophecy has been fulfilled, Arknights anime announcement

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2021.10.24 12:12 damar856 Is it just me…

Or is this semester just extremely mentally taxing?? Like I feel like every single day I wake up and do nothing except school work and do nothing but struggle in my classes. I had to P/F one of my classes this semester because I was doing so horrible in it, and now I’m scared to do any work at all just because I feel like I’m going to do awful in all of my classes. I’m so scared to fail that it’s just ruining my mood every day and I feel like I can’t even live without thinking about school. Coming back to in person classes after a year and a half of Covid school is just too much. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m not fit to go to UNC or if it’s just because everyone is struggling right now :( if I didn’t want to go to med school, my life would be so much easier lol.
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2021.10.24 12:12 4fingerdfisherman [WTB][PA 19129] Waste Knights 2nd Ed.

Looking for Veteran of the Wastes All In.
Thank you!
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2021.10.24 12:12 When_Ducks_Attack World Party - Have A Nice Day

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2021.10.24 12:12 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Bears put LB Caleb Johnson on reserve/COVID-19 list | Chicago Sun-Times

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2021.10.24 12:12 Feisty-Enthusiasm-72 Looking for a clip

It is of a lady in a restaurant eating saying her dream is to be a stay at home mom and her husbands personal cock sucker. I think she is Asian.
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2021.10.24 12:12 turtleycool38 Are Scorpios typically said to be very attractive/hot physically?

I know you can't just make the assumption that someone is a certain zodiac sign because they look a certain way physically however whenever I see someone who has dark hair and piercing dark eyes, I do sometimes get vibes that they might be a scorpio, idk just generally I feel like Scorpios have this dark, mysterious , almost smoky aura about their physical appearance which makes them seem very attractive that might just be me tho
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2021.10.24 12:12 riiptemp How did you go about writing your common app essay introduction (if it has one)?

I’m trying to make a little intro paragraph but I’ve changed it like 5 times and I haven’t actually started on the actual content which is more important…..how’d u do this?
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2021.10.24 12:12 SummitMyPeak PSA: Stay safe out there in the wind!

Hope you're having a great Sunday. Was just woken by the pre-bomb-cyclone wind and there's lots of branches down already. Stay safe!
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2021.10.24 12:12 Puzzleheaded_Quail73 Puppy isn't eating

I have a 75lb almost one year old puppy who is refusing to eat and it's driving me insane. She eats Purina one food but we've tried 3 different higher quality kibble and its all the same.. Adding water and microwaving it worked for awhile then I was adding some wet food to it but she's just refusing. I think it's because a person who's staying with us has been giving her apart of all the meals she eats and so many treats and chews. I've told her to stop and I was suggested no more treats or chews until she starts eating but how do I get her to eat? I'm honestly at a loss. We can't feed her just straight wetfood. Do I just leave it out and she eats when she feels like it? Or I saw someone puts it out for 30 mins then takes it away and keeps doing that. I'm just so frustrated
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2021.10.24 12:12 FirefighterNo7322 Dirty Doge - $DDOGE - The newest, sexiest member of the DOGE family - Just launched 4h ago! - Massive Celebrities onboard (Abella Danger) 🌟

Finally, the most sexy member of the doge is here, are you ready to meet her?
I just saw their ads yesterday on Poocoin and i have a fantastic feeling about DirtyDoge and the community behind this project.
Dirty Doge is the world’s first hyper-deflationary NFT reward protocol on BSC. $DDOGE creates and airdrops Dirty Doge NFTs, based on well-known sexy celebrities for holders and supporters regularly.
👉 The more you hold, the rarer the NFTs. The longer you hold, the more NFTs you receive.
They will release special NFTs with different rarities featuring the most famous & sexiest social media stars. The first NFT of Season #1 will drop straight after launch.
The devs have big marketing plans coming up, we are talking about MASSIVE influencers and partners promoting $DDOGE! Abella Danger already tweeted about them and made a sexy Insta story as well!
The marketing is on point, there will be more HUGE influencer shoutouts before presale.
This project is easily going to the moon directly after launch 🚀
7% $DOGE Reflections
1% Into Liquidity Pool
2% Into Marketing.
After launch marketing:
- Daily Coinsniper ads
- CMC, Coinbase, Trustwallet & Coingecko listing
- Heavy BTOK advertising
- Further huge influencer campaigns
Do you want to earn special limited dirty Doge NFTs?
CONTRACT: 0x3c4e32270162bb02ccfae49c5704fafce36b92ce
BUY HERE: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x3c4e32270162bb02ccfae49c5704fafce36b92ce
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x3c4e32270162bb02ccfae49c5704fafce36b92ce#readContract
LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x5118A9eC70719d3E6B0fbF772ee945fecCAa8c93
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2021.10.24 12:12 Fine_Gazelle_6750 HOW TO CHEAT DEATH

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2021.10.24 12:12 brainybimb0 Should I be more proactive on SA?

So I rejoined SA very recently but I’m beginning to question my approach. I usually do not message SDs first and wait for them to reach out to me. For some reason I can’t really pinpoint at the moment, I just always had the impression that this was the thing to do.
However, I’m considering switching it up and messaging some SDs that pique my interest and seem to be on the same page as me.
So, should I go for it or has it proven to be a waste of time and energy for SBs who have done that in the past?
Bonus question, if anyone cares to answer: Why do some SDs favourite your profile and never message?
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2021.10.24 12:12 Yakkety-yak Research on FEG (Feed Every Gorilla) Token

Whitepaper https://www.FEGtoken.com/FEG_Whitepaper.pdf
https://www.FEGex.com Custom built DEX, built from the ground up to include swaps, risk-free staking, liquidity pool rewards, and fWraps. FEGex also pays users to trade. You will receive gas rebates - sometimes 4x the amount of gas you paid.
Very soon FEGex will be integrated into one of the major DEX aggregators and FEGex data will be available to the masses via sites like CMC and CG. Also in the works are a fiat on-ramp and expansion on to three new blockchains; Polygon, Fantom, and Avalanche.
One of the great things about FEGex.com is that every trading pair has an fWrap as it’s base token. fWraps turn any ERC-20 or BEP-20 token into a reflectionary token that’s based on taking volume on the exchange. All you need to do is wrap and hold them in your wallet to earn hundreds of times more APY than a traditional savings account. You can even fWrap stablecoins.
Staking FEG token, the FEGex governance token, is designed for long term, passive income. Staking is free from nasty things like impermanent loss and your rewards are paid in wrapped BNB, ETH, USDT, and soon BTC. 0.15% of every sell on FEGex goes into the staking pool so earnings are based on trading activity. Right now, daily volume is ranging between $1-3MM/day. PCS/UNI have ~$1B in volume/day so this shows you how early the project is in market adoption.
SmartDefi SmartDefi is a new token launch platform which includes a smart contract template that is 100% rug proof and honeypot proof. SmartDeFi tokens have their liquidity locked away inside the token contract, forever. They also have asset backing, meaning their underpinning baseline value can only increase and never go down. Additional information at https://www.FEGrox.com.
The best bit is this, though… because all trading pairs on FEGex and SmartDeFi tokens all make use of fWrap base tokens like fBNB, fETH, and fUSDT, every single buy or sell is distributing rewards to you as an fWrap holder. More volume through FEGex and SmartDeFi = more fWrap rewards. More volume also means more FEG staking rewards.
SmartDeFi also features a groundbreaking SmartLend feature that will soon allow you to borrow tokens interest free. You provide the collateral, SmartDeFi provides the tokens, and when it’s time for you pay back the original amount you receive your collateral in return. You will soon be able to trade SmartDeFi tokens using a widget on any website. Safe, fair, and easy DeFi banking for the masses.
charts.FEGex.com Tradingview charts integration and real-time data feeds from FEGex and SmartDeFi. Jump easily between a chart on FEGcharts and a trading pair on FEGex at the click of a button. 📈
FEGstats.com Paste in your public wallet address and away you go. While you’re there you can track your passive income from all of the various rewards streams FEG has to offer, see the FEG tokens burn, and do a little dance at the sight of ROX’s (World’s first SmartDefi token) baseline value going up, up, up. ⬆️
DYOR done ✅
FEGtoken.com FEGex.com charts.FEGex.com FEGstats.com FEGdeployer.com presale.FEGex.com FEGfaucet.com FEGrox.com
Twitter: twitter.com/fegtoken & twitter.com/lifeisdefi TG: t.me/FEGchat
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2021.10.24 12:12 SighOpMarmalade Best "Esports" monitor?

Kinda torn between one of the 360hz ips panels with gsync ultimate or the zowie xl2546k. I mostly play rocket league but also play Battlefield and will be playing the new halo.
Some say get the 1440p 240hz ones coming out which I've thought of but I wanted to get a more esports based opinion as I already have a 1440p 144hz monitor.
That being said I was also holding off on seeing what the xg2431 240hz 1080p monitor starting to be shipped now (RIP cuz shipping problem right now) but it approved by blur busters, is an IPS panel and you can customize the strobe function.
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2021.10.24 12:12 amarooso Got my second tattoo and I loved how it came out

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2021.10.24 12:12 Wolfsbane16 아이유(IU) - strawberry moon Cover.ㅣ예찬하다

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2021.10.24 12:12 Etuniel Clocktower JP as as norn

and maybe other races?!
so i did the clocktower JP on my main account with my JP Asura Mesmer a professional Distinction in Applied Jumping. i tried 3-4 times to get the jumps and then finished it. and again, and again and got the achievments.
ok i switched to my 2nd account who has only a Norn female Guardian and i tried it. i tried it about 20 times and failed and failed and failed again. Something didnt feel right. The game felt sluggish not laggy but this sluggishness that makes it really annoying.
so back to character creation, made a small Asura, and tried it again. first try without any problems. and then again and again. i thought that must be coincidence and switched back to my Norn and yes there was this sluggishness back and i failed some jumps.
so is there any problem with norn in this JP or imagination? i mean i dont watch my character jumping arround but maybe ....
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2021.10.24 12:12 LeeMcbride75 ***Castle ***

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2021.10.24 12:12 Crypto-mim The Carbon Creatures is a great project, so quickly join and do not let you regret it. Great work of developers will give the results as soon as possible.

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2021.10.24 12:12 Dj_Ghandi I made a Steward Lee antihomophobic morality pasta

I'm not sure how much weight you can afford to place on the notion of morality in this argument because morality is not a fixed thing it changes its parameters culturally, historically over time, for example look at ancient Greece to this day we still take most of our most fundamental principles about ethics aesthetics, philosophy, medicine science whatever from ancient Greece and yet in ancient Greece love between two men far from being immoral, was actually considered the highest most ethical most profound if you will; most moral form of love that there could be. So all I'm saying is I'm not sure how useful morality is given its flexible nature as a cornerstone of your argument on this subject
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