Edward Bainbridge Copnall (British, 1903-1973), Architectural Aspiration, 1934.

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2021.10.24 11:59 Paul-Belgium Edward Bainbridge Copnall (British, 1903-1973), Architectural Aspiration, 1934.

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2021.10.24 11:59 savvyinvestor007 Goodmorning Ape Fam !….Thought I would post something pretty interesting I found…So it looks like last week CTC LLC took out some call options with a strike price of $4,733 and hedged them with puts at the same price. I just wanted to know….WUT…DOING ? Anyway, enjoy your Sunday Fambam

Goodmorning Ape Fam !….Thought I would post something pretty interesting I found…So it looks like last week CTC LLC took out some call options with a strike price of $4,733 and hedged them with puts at the same price. I just wanted to know….WUT…DOING ? Anyway, enjoy your Sunday Fambam submitted by savvyinvestor007 to amcstock [link] [comments]

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2021.10.24 11:59 Spiritual_Patient_49 Nicki Minaj Destroys Hasan Piker

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2021.10.24 11:59 blueztx Looking for Support (F31) (M36)

We made it 9 months, 2 fights. He’s the love of my life and dreams, but now I’ve found that he is a “runner”. He doesn’t like the conversation, he will stonewall me. We’re on a trip to Washington state currently, and I was grouchy at the airport at 1am Thursday and apologized Friday morning. Well he was still pissed off so he decided to buy a ticket home? He wasn’t sure if the trip was “going to go downhill” and so was like fuck it. This made me of course spiral, because we always go on trips and the fact that he couldn’t have an hour long conversation to resolve some issues was a giant red flag. Well last night he kept asking me what’s on my mind, I said “I’m scared to tell you, because if you don’t agree you will leave”. So he shut down, and tried to leave. It was the most manipulative and toxic shit ever. He got out of the car, and began to talk walk away, leaving me on the Olympic peninsula. I cried and screamed and straight up panicked because it was traumatizing. I got back in the car as he kept saying this was “all on me”. He then approached the car knocked on it and asked if I was going to “be okay”. This is someone who I’ve met their family, friends, etc. And now I’m just trash. He kept saying that he’s “just like all the other guys”, and I “shouldn’t” have trusted him. Just a completely different person. He ended up getting back in the dar after I offered to not say a single word the rest of the trip. He’s now been sleeping for 12+ hours next to me. I’ve been awake all night crying. I wanted to kill myself before I met him, I don’t have any family and I’ve just been so hurt like this several times by men. I can’t do life knowing that this is all relationships end up being. I keep hoping he’ll wake up and apologize but it just kind of a nightmare.
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2021.10.24 11:59 treeaway24567 I got ghosted and I'm happy.

I met this guy last week we had pretty good chemistry but he ended up ghosting me on our 2nd planned date yesterday. Honestly, I was bitter for a bit but after re-reading through our texts I realized in the past two weeks we've talked I initiated almost every convo, and I get annoyed when I feel like I'm initiating all the time so it would've been a huge issue. Him ghosting me was a favor. I have another date today, I hope it goes well!
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2021.10.24 11:59 Realistic_Humor_4746 Invisalign Retainers

Hi All: Had Invisalign a few years ago and need my night retainers replaced. I have a mold of my teeth but my orthodontist wants $150 for one set. Any places that do it for cheaper? Thanks!
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2021.10.24 11:59 Spyderclaw Hailee enjoying a sunny autumn day in the parc

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2021.10.24 11:59 panzerkaphwagon Who do you like the most

Who do you like most
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2021.10.24 11:59 pixiassbitch Demisexual & Noncommittal?

Is that a thing? I like the idea of a temporary but intense connection with a person. And a long build up of sexual tension while we get to know one another
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2021.10.24 11:59 A_Wise_Mans_Fear Unsolved (likely professional) Shootings in the French Alps -- Crazy murders, outrageous investigations, and odd coincidences

This week I’ve got an unsolved case just for you! An Iraqi-born British engineer? A professional hit man? THE FRENCH ALPS?! Sounds like a classic Hollywood plot, but, alas, it’s real.
Now put on your ski caps & grab your magnifying glass, we’re headed to the French Alps!
The Hit On September 5th, 2012, Saad Al-Hilli was found murdered at the top of a mountain, near a small French town named Chevaline. He had been shot four times, twice in the head. Worse yet, his wife & mother-in-law were also murdered, suffering multiple gunshots including two in the head. His two daughters were also with him but were, luckily, alive. One, 7 years old, had been shot in the shoulder and hit in the back of the head. The other daughter, 4 years old, was unhurt and hidden underneath her mother’s legs. The final victim was a local bicyclist, shot five times including, you guessed it, twice in the head.
The shooter fired 21 total bullets, most likely at moving targets, and 17 bullets had found their mark.
By all accounts, this seemed like a professional hit.
The Investigation The first phase of the investigation looked into Al-Hilli himself. Had the British engineer, born in Iraq, who worked on satellites for a living, gotten involved in some nefarious affairs? Because of the professional look of the attack, investigators hunted down any reasons for a contract killing to occur… more on this later.
The second phase involved a hard investigation of family members, especially Al-Hilli’s brother, Zaid. The brothers hadn’t spoken in almost a year except through lawyers, as they were sorting out their late father’s estate. The sorting was contentious - more than a million dollars, a house near London, and a studio in Spain were all up for grabs.
But, according to the brother, “there was no feud. We weren’t riding around on horses shooting at each other.”
Could this have been motive enough to hire a contract killer?
The third phase of the investigation started to get silly. At one point, multiple newspapers leaked a story that the Al-Hillis had been killed because of their connections to Iraq… that, in fact, they had connections with Saddam Hussein himself! This turned out to (obviously) be false (turns out not all people of the same heritage know each other...who knew!). Unfortunately, this attention grabbing headline sold a lot of papers. And this hurt the case, warping it into this big global espionage conspiracy… one riddled with overt racism. Zaid was arrested… and almost immediately released.
But what about the bicyclist? Had the local just been in the wrong place & wrong time?
His name was Sylvain Mollier, 45 years old, and his body was found in a strange place for a local bicyclist. He had recently been employed by a company that supplied nuclear components to the global market… could he have been killed because of his knowledge?
Alas...no. All leads concerning leaked secrets, satellites, nuclear knowledge… all of it was conjecture. Something more appropriate for novels than real life.
The investigators had hit a dead end.
Things Fall Apart Satellite footage, cell phone pings, you name it… all pieces of data were combed through to try and find a lead. A description of a lone motorcyclist rose to the surface. Then, connections of the bicyclist, Mollier, to his ex-wife’s inheritance. Every single possible reason for motive was brought under the microscope but to no avail. The investigators brought in anyone who could have ties to this incident- military, past psychotic breaks.
A routine interview of a soldier, Patrice Menegaldo, as a witness led to more craziness in this case. Two months after the interview, Menegaldo killed himself, claiming in a note that “[he] could not handle being a suspect in a murder.”
Could this be it? The killer, heavy with guilt, ending his life because of his crimes? Possibly. But why wait 21 months after the actual incident?
Lead detective, Eric Maillaud, refused to release the details of Menegaldo’s 7 page suicide letter. He does not believe Menegaldo was the killer. So was this incident a perfect crime? Or the horrors of some planned lunacy?
“I don’t like perfect crimes,” claimed Maillaud.
Coincidence? The universe is rarely so lazy Now for the PEAK strangeness. 7 hours after the murders in the Alps, a man named James Thompson started feeling nauseous. He left work and headed to his home in Mississippi of the great US of A. He didn’t make it. His heart had stopped working.
Thompson was divorced, amicably, from a dentist he had married in 1999, apparently as a favor (perhaps a green card situation). The marriage was kept a secret from all other family members. The couple split up a few months later. She moved to England and married an engineer named...you guessed it.
Saad al-Hilli.
So on the same day, seven hours a part, both she and her ex-husband died. Coincidence? Probably. But in a case with no definitive answers even to this day, everything is suspect.
So many questions, so few answers… Wanting to dive a little deeper? Try the two resources below and let us know if you find anything that we missed!

Also I’m Andy. If you like stuff like this, my writing partner and I have a free weekly newsletter about mystery/crime and pop culture. We'd love to write it full time and the more of you reading, the likelier that becomes. Check us out: https://mysterynibbles.substack.com/
(we also have a subreddit: mysterynibbles -- come join the party!)
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2021.10.24 11:59 SerniousVEGA [NG][BL120][Lumenflower Gardens/EDotC][SerniousVEGA]

Password: arcanine
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2021.10.24 11:59 AsshhhHo According to Coinmomo, Shib will be listed on RH tomorrow 🧐

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2021.10.24 11:59 OG_P-Lo Favorite cultivators at the moment? Garden State Dispo is mine . All their own flower (GG4 , SLH, BubbleGum, ICC, etc…) is dense, fresh, high thc%, and looks gorgeous .

Favorite cultivators at the moment? Garden State Dispo is mine . All their own flower (GG4 , SLH, BubbleGum, ICC, etc…) is dense, fresh, high thc%, and looks gorgeous . submitted by OG_P-Lo to NewJerseyMarijuana [link] [comments]

2021.10.24 11:59 Blockzr Baited somebody hard and got them banned for violating TOS! The report system is awesome

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2021.10.24 11:59 Dr_Deadly7x Can someone recommend me some Good Mobile games Please??!

Yes I wrote the content of the post of in the title bcoz I'm that badass!! But please someone help me out here!!!
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2021.10.24 11:59 ZoolShop PayPal’s Peter Thiel Rues ‘Underinvesting’ in Bitcoin (BTC), Blasts Central Banks

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2021.10.24 11:59 RostyFrosty9875 9.00 update bricking

So just last night my Ps4 pro has just turned into nothing but a brick I've probably lost all my 11gbs of saved data but now I've just unplugged I've bought so much for this console I haven't touched the internal drive since I bought external I dont know if its that but I digress I tried to get on last night and it just completely froze I tried turning it off nothing did anything so I unplugged it usually in my case it does help but this time when plugging it in I get stuck at 24% on it rebooting then it just stops and says I need to reinstall the 9.00 update I was doing fine some things seemed slow on farcry6 but I'm just wondering do I wait for 9.01 update to come out and possibly fix it or just go in and try install it from the playstation website and even that isn't even letting me get a file or anything thoughts opinions questions im open?
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